High-Temperature Box-Type Resistance Furnace

The high-temperature box-type resistance furnace has wide applications. It usually works with mining gravity separation equipment for the mineral melting process like gold, steel, aluminum, copper, nickel alloy, etc.

  1. Introduction

This high-temperature box-type resistance furnace is a specialized equipment developed for the sintering, melting, and analysis. This machine has wide application in industrial and mining enterprises of higher education institutions and research institutes. It is suitable for ceramics, metallurgy, electronics, refractory materials, building materials, metals, non-metals, and other chemical and physical materials processes. The exterior design of the furnace adopts the latest international styles. It has many advantages like simple and elegant structure, beautiful and stylish appearance, and simple operation.

Main technical parameters

  • Model: SX2-12-16A
  • Power: 12KW
  • Voltage: 460V, 3 Phase
  • Highest temperature: 1600℃
  • Net size of furnace (length x width x height): 400×200×160
  • Heating element connection method: series connection
  • Heating element specifications: 1800 type silicon molybdenum rod
  • Temperature sensor: B-type dual platinum-rhodium thermocouple
  • Insulation material model: 1800 type high-purity alumina microcrystalline fiber material
  • Number of temperature control sections: 50 heating and insulation curves available
High-temperature box-type resistance furnace

Structural Description

  1. Furnace shell

The appearance of the high-temperature box-type resistance furnace is rectangular. The furnace shell is made of a high-quality cold-rolled plate. The furnace adopts CNC machine tools and goes through polishing, acid washing, phosphating, spraying plastic powder, high-temperature baking, etc. The dual color combination has a novel and beautiful appearance. It has the advantages of oxidation resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, and easy cleaning. It is beautiful and generous, ensuring a good working environment.

  1. Furnace material

The furnace is made of ceramic polycrystalline fiberboard and adopts a high-strength newly assembled structure, enclosing the ceramic fiberboard into a rectangular heating chamber. It has a high operating temperature, small heat storage capacity, and good insulation performance (the energy-saving effect is more than 80% of old electric furnaces)

  1. Heating element

It adopts a U-shaped 1800 silicon molybdenum rod, heated on both sides. Silicon molybdenum rod is a type of resistance heating element produced based on molybdenum disilicide. The highest surface temperature of the element is 1800 ℃. When working at high temperatures in an oxidizing atmosphere, the surface undergoes vitrification, generating a bright glass film that protects the silicon molybdenum rod from oxidation. Therefore, silicon molybdenum rod elements have unique high-temperature oxidation resistance. Under normal operating conditions, the component resistance generally does not change with the length of use time. Therefore, New and old components can be mixed for use.

  1. Insulation of high-temperature box-type resistance furnace

The outer layer of the furnace adopts the 1800-type Alumina polycrystalline fiberboard, and the rest insulate with aluminum silicate cotton. Due to the high-quality thermal insulation performance and low heat capacity of alumina polycrystalline fiberboard. It ensures rapid equipment heating, reduces equipment energy consumption and surface temperature, and has a significant energy-saving effect.

  1. Control section

The control system adopts an intelligent program temperature controller with 5 × 10 heating curves. Through automatic control settings adjust the curve temperature. The temperature controller receives signals detected by thermocouples, and the power regulating plate triggers the control power module to measure temperature with B-grade thermocouples. This instrument has a PID parameter self-tuning function, single point control stability reaches 1 ℃. Multiple alarm protection functions such as high-temperature upper limit alarm and thermocouple failure indication.

The temperature control system of the electric furnace install in the control cabinet under the furnace body. This system includes the control panel and the strong-current electric board.

The temperature control system of this device also has the following characteristics:

  • Fully functional: This machine emits an alarm signal for overheating during operation and automatically completes protection actions with a current limiting function.
  • Easy to operate: After all instruments have completed their setting functions, press the run button, and subsequent work will be automatically completed.
  • The work status is clear at a glance.
  1. Door opening method

This device adopts a side door opening method. We can open the side door 180 degrees to facilitate material retrieval under high-temperature conditions. The furnace door lock is located on the side of the furnace door and locked with a stainless steel spring lock. The elasticity of the spring absorbs the expansion of the refractory material, ensuring the free expansion and contraction of the refractory material and effective sealing.

Advantages of high-temperature box-type resistance furnace

  1. Accurate temperature control: The high-temperature box-type resistance furnace can precisely control the temperature through advanced control systems, ensuring stability and uniformity inside the furnace.
  2. Energy conservation and environmental protection: Compared with traditional heating methods, high-temperature box-type resistance furnaces have higher thermal efficiency and energy consumption control, which can save energy and reduce environmental pollution.
  3. Safe and reliable: The high-temperature box-type resistance furnace adopts high-quality materials and advanced devices, which have good insulation performance. It ensures the sealing and safe operation of the furnace body.

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