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Jar Mill

Popular Models: The 911MPEBR500 can evenly mix and finely grind samples.
Application: Laboratory Jar Mill is widely used in various laboratory research, such as material research, chemical experiment, drug development, etc. It can grind and mix materials of different particle sizes and properties to achieve fine grinding and uniform mixing of samples.


The Laboratory Jar Mill is a laboratory grinding device used for grinding and mixing various substances. It can be ground dry or wet and consists of a grinding jar and a fixed grinding rod. Grinding jars are usually made of wear-resistant materials such as ceramic, glass or stainless steel and can hold samples of varying volumes.
There are single-tier and multi-tier types, with one deck holding four jars. The maximum capacity is 20L.

(1) Grinding jar material type: nylon, corundum/alumina, stainless steel, polyurethane and other special materials;
(2) Ball material type: stainless steel balls, aluminum balls/corundum balls, agate balls, zirconia balls, hard alloy balls, etc.
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Lab jar mill


It can be used in single or multiple grooves, and can grind a variety of samples at the same time.

The grinding rotation speed and grinding time can be adjusted according to the needs to meet different experimental requirements.

The distance between the rollers can be adjusted to adapt to different sizes of grinding jars.

Equipped with grinding jars and grinding media of different specifications, it can grind a wide variety of materials.


The motor drives the shaft and roller to rotate, driving the grinding jar to roll, so that friction and impact force are generated between the abrasive and the sample, and the grinding and mixing of the sample is realized. During the rotation process of the abrasive in the tank, it is constantly in contact with the material, so that the sample is gradually ground into the required particle size.

Lab jar mill


ModelAdaptive JarTiersRoller shaftsAvailable jar diameter(mm)RPMVoltageWorking powerDimensionsTransmission mode
VolumeQuantityQuantity (per tier)DiameterLengthAdjustable spacing(V)(KW)(L*W*H/ mm)
GMS10-20.5-10L212φ7039067~230φ60-φ2800~220220V1.5790*630*530Synchronous belt
GMS20-20.5-20L212φ8047030~340φ60-φ3200~220380V2.2827*952*724Synchronous belt
GMS30-21-30L212φ8042535~290φ60-φ3600~200380V2.21328*658*720Synchronous belt
GMS10-40.5-10L413φ7039067~230φ60-φ2800~220380V2.21189*890*680Synchronous belt
GMS10-4B0.5-10L422φ7039067~230φ60-φ2800~220380V2.2742*890*1111Synchronous belt
GMS20-40.5-20L423φ8047030~340φ60-φ3200~220380V2.21309*1128*724Chain wheel
GMS30-41-30L413φ8042535~290φ60-φ3600~200380V41328*1048*680Synchronous belt
GMS5-80.5-5L823φ6031067~280φ70-φ2600-270380V2.21020*868*950Chain wheel
GMS10-80.5-10L824φ7041067~302φ60-φ2800~220380V31210*890*1050Chain wheel
GMS20-80.5-20L824φ8047030~340φ60-φ3200~220380V31390*1128*1100Chain wheel

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