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Laboratory Rod Mill

Capacity: 300-5000 g/hr
Application: Widely used in fine ore grinding in metallurgy, geology, chemical industry, building materials and other industries.


The laboratory rod mill is a grinding equipment that uses steel rods to grind materials, and is used for wet or dry grinding of minerals. The grinding rod is made of stainless steel. Rod ball mill has strong crushing ability, large amount of ore grinding, uniform particle size after grinding, no over-grinding phenomenon, small and high efficiency. Commonly used in the optional study of minerals and the fine grinding of heavy concentrates. The grinding rod can be replaced by a grinding ball, which can be used as a ball mill.

Lab cone ball mill


Large amount of grinding at one time, high production efficiency.

It can be converted into a ball mill for use.

Grinding evenly, not easy to overgrind.


It is mainly composed of a handle, a grinding cylinder, a discharge screw, a frame, a motor, and a bracket. There is an ore feeding plug at the right end of the drum, and an ore discharge cover at the left end. Tighten the bolts clockwise during work to seal the cylinder and prevent slurry from splashing. After the grinding is finished, turn the bolt, and the cover will withdraw 6-10mm to discharge the ore.


ItemXMB160×200XMB200×240XMB240×300     Unit
Drum(Diameter×Length)160×200200×240    240×300     mm
Volume4.027.5         13.57         L
Capacity300~800500~1000    1000~5000         g
Feed Size-2-2             -3     mm
Discharge Size-0.074-0.74     -0.074     mm
Drum Speed120       110              96    r/min
 ModelA02-7114y801-4      y801-4 
MotorPower0.250.55            0.55     kw
 Speed14001390            1390    r/min
  Diameter1820151822151822     mm
  Length185               225                 286     mm
 Steel Rodqty109179933136     pcs
  Weight3.554. 7.485.02      kg
  Diameter20253020253020  2530     mm
Grinding Media qty100265136522929011537      ea
 Steel ballweight3.311.70.564.      kg
Dimensions(L×W×H)1052×530×11501052×615×1160        1052×615×1160     mm
Weight90155160      kg

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