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Rotary Sample Splitt

Popular Models: The 911MPE-RSD Rotary Sample Divider is designed to precisely divide bulk laboratory samples into equal representative samples.
It is widely used in various industries such as mining, metallurgy, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, geological and environmental testing, and research to obtain representative samples.


Rotary sample splitter is also called rotary sample divider, which is a kind of laboratory equipment. The main purpose is to reduce sample size while ensuring that sub-samples taken from larger bulk samples are representative of the whole, allowing for more reliable analysis and testing. It can handle various sample types, including solids, powders, granular materials and even some liquid samples. In addition, its high sample preparation efficiency fully applies to laboratory sample preparation and material research in many fields.

Rotary sample splitt


Representative Sampling

Rotary sample splitter efficiently divides samples while precisely maintaining each subsample retains the same proportion of material in the original sample, thereby reducing sampling bias.

High precision

The slots or compartments in the bowl are carefully designed to evenly distribute the sample evenly, minimizing any potential variation in sub-sample composition.

Minimal contaminatio

Each sub-sample separated by the rotary sample splitter is collected in a separate compartment or chute, with little contact between different parts of the sample and good integrity.


Control the size and number of sub-samples generated by adjusting the number of compartments and opening size on the bench.


A typical design for a rotary sample splitter consists of a rotating drum or conical vessel with multiple equally spaced slots or compartments. Bulk samples are collected and placed in the top hopper, evenly distributed over the rotating drum or cone inside the splitter. As the drum rotates, the material flows into a series of equally spaced slots or openings on its circumference. Each sample portion falls through the chute and is collected in a separate container, such as a sample bag or sample cup.


Optional Rotary Sample Splitter Spare Parts
Catalog NumberDescriptionQTY Needed
040J-TO0124″ Rotary Splitter Frame1
040J-T002Spindle 24″ Rotary Splitter1
020A-001-318SFeeder 3×18 T42112-001·115/601
GR-F71350B5JGearbox F713-50-B5] · 50:11
MO-0980021/4hp 90V 175ORPM 56C1
040J-co092.4L SS Container Complete12
CNT-7200-006-AFeeder Controller1
CNT-174307.00DC Table Controller1

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