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Mortar Grinder

Capacity: 30g/Mortar
Application: It is mainly used for sample analysis in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, coal and other industries as well as laboratories of universities and scientific research institutions.


Automatic Mortar Grinder is a small device for dry grinding analysis samples, suitable for grinding small batches of materials. It replaces the manual mortar and pestle with motor drive, the grinding process has no metal pollution to the sample, the grinding particle size is uniform, and the efficiency is high.

Mortar Grinder


The grinding machine can choose to use one or two or three grinding bodies.

Electronic automatic grinding, high efficiency, even grinding.

Simple operation and low noise.


Lift the grinding head, open the cover to add materials, close the cover, and put down the grinding head.
Start the motor, turn the clutch handle, the grinding head and grinding body start to rotate the grinding material.
After the grinding is completed, turn the clutch in the opposite direction, the equipment stops grinding, lift the grinding head, open the cover, and take out the ground material.

Mortar Grinder


ItemUnitXPM-Φ120 Mortar Grinder
Mortar DiametermmΦ120
Mortar Quantityea3
Pestle Speedr/min220
Mortar Speedr/min9
Feed Sizemm-1.5
Discharge Sizemm-0.074
Electricity Supply 380V/50HZ

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