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Laboratory Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator

Capacity: 4-5 Kg/hr
Feed size: <1mm
Application: The laboratory High Intensity magnetic separator has good experimental separation effect on ores such as manganese ore, seashore placer, tin ore glass sand, and phosphate ore. It is widely used in colleges and universities and laboratories to study minerals and improve process flow.


The laboratory wet High Intensity magnetic separator uses a wet method for magnetic separation of magnetic ore particles. The equipment has a large magnetic area, high processing capacity, high magnetic field strength and magnetic field gradient, and only a small amount of samples can obtain the iron content index of the detected minerals, and has a good separation effect on low-grade iron oxide ores. The adjustment range of the magnetic field strength of the device is 0-23000 (Gs).

Laboratory Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator


Large magnetic area and high processing capacity.

The magnetic intensity is high, the adjustment range is wide, and the sorting effect is good.

Automatic operation, easy to operate.


The slurry in the mixing tank enters the sorting box through the feeding valve and the flat mouth, and the non-magnetic mineral particles fall into the tailings bucket along the tooth plate gap under the action of gravity, and the magnetic mineral particles are adsorbed on the tooth plate under the action of the magnetic field. , after feeding the ore, the ore-distributing hopper is placed on the upper part of the middle ore bucket, and the middle ore flushing solenoid valve is opened, (the flow rate can be adjusted by the middle ore flushing gate valve), and the non-magnetic ore particles mixed in the sorting box are washed, and then the ore-dividing bucket swings to the upper part of the concentrate barrel, and cut off the magnetizing power supply at the same time. After the magnetic field of the sorting box disappears, the concentrate flushing solenoid valve opens, and the magnetic ore particles adsorbed on the tooth plate are flushed into the concentrate barrel (the amount of flushing water is determined by the concentrate Gate valve adjustment), after completing a sorting cycle, the PLC resets for the next one, and another sorting cycle. To achieve the purpose of separating magnetic ore and non-magnetic ore.

Laboratory Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator


Separating Chamber Size (mm)50×70×220
Magnetic IntensityBackground Field Intensity0-10000
1.5mm Separation Chamber0-23000
2mm Separation Chamber0-22000
3mm Separation Chamber0-20000
Excitation power supplyInput220V 50HZ
Output0-118V 1-25A
Coil Cooling TypeForced Air Cooling
Maximum Feeding Size (mm)1
Capacity (kg/hr)4-5
Power Consumption (kW)<4
Dimensions (mm)880×740×1480
Weight (kg)795

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