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Laboratory Rotary Slurry Splitter

Popular Models: The 911MPE-RSSD-12 rotary slurry sample splitter enables the uniform division of any pulp into a maximum of 12 equal samples.
<2 L/min
Application: It is widely used for solid-liquid separation of materials in experimental fields such as chemistry, biology, geology, food, medicine, mineralogy research and sample preparation.


The laboratory rotary slurry splitter separates solid particles from liquid in a (slurry) mixture. Its purpose is to divide a representative sample of a slurry or suspension into smaller representative portions for analysis, testing or further experimentation. The key advantage of lab rotary slurry splitter is its ability to separate samples evenly and accurately. It is often used in ore analysis, mineral precipitation, pulp separation and other experimental operations. In addition, our laboratory rotary slurry splitter has an automatic function, which can set the separation program and parameters, reduce the operation steps of the operator, and improve the efficiency of the experiment.

Lab Rotary Slurry Splitter


High-efficiency separation

The lab rotary slurry splitter can quickly separate the solid particles and liquid in the sample in a short time, so it is suitable for experiments that require fast separation and improves work efficiency.

Adjustable Speed:

The user can adjust the rotation speed of the separator according to the experimental requirements, thereby controlling the magnitude of the centrifugal force to meet the separation requirements of different sample types.


Compared with other separation methods, lab rotary slurry splitters generally do not require special reagents, avoiding problems that may affect the chemical properties of the material.

Save time

This lab rotary slurry splitter eliminates manual splitting or tedious separation processes, allowing researchers to focus more on analyzing data.


Laboratory rotary slurry splitter operate on the principle of rotational motion and gravity. It consists of drums or containers that place samples at even intervals in openings or chutes. The slurry is poured into the drum, and as the drum rotates, centrifugal force pushes the material toward the opening, allowing it to be divided into representative sub-samples. These parts can then be collected and processed separately.

Lab Rotary Slurry Splitter


Slitting Ratio 12、6、4、3、2 for one time
Relative Error in Weight%<2(when Splitting Ratio<6)
Feed Concentration%5-50
Feed Sizemm<0.5
Volume of Mixing TankL4
Mixing Motor PowerW120
Mixing Motor Speedr/min1390
Speed of Mixing Impellerr/min<568
Power of distributorW90
Speed of distributorr/min40
Total PowerW210


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