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Leaching Agitation Tank

Capacity: 1.5-3 5L/Volume
Feed size: 0.05-0.2mm
Application: The leaching agitation tank is suitable for wet leaching tests in laboratories of geological, metallurgical, chemical and other factories and mines and scientific research departments.


The XJT type leaching agitation tank uses a three-phase asynchronous motor. Usually four sets are used in a group with the same parameters. The device is small in size, simple in structure and easy to operate. Having a frequency converter can adjust the impeller rotation speed.

Leaching Agitation Tank


The stirring shaft is made of structural steel groove, which is strong and wear-resistant.

Thickened mixing barrel, impact and corrosion resistance.

Stirring speed is adjustable, suitable for a wide range of materials.


The impeller of the leaching agitation tank rotates to mix the liquid in the tank and the ore sample evenly. When installing the power supply, the main shaft impeller rotates counterclockwise to prevent the impeller from falling off.
During the test, put the ore sample material into the mixing tank, adjust to a suitable slurry concentration, lift the head of the mixer, place the mixing tank, the mixer starts to work, then put in the leaching agent, and continue stirring.


No.ItemUnit          Technical Parameter
1VolumeL1.5 3 5
2Impeller SpeedRPM         0~2800(adjustable)
3Impeller Diametermm          31,39,48
4Feed Sizemm          0.05-0.2
5Dimensionsmm          450×340×475
6WeightKg           68
7Air Delivery Pump CX-0098
8Heater AC220V 250W
9Motor 220V 2800RPM

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