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Laboratory Shaking Table

Capacity: 0.2-1 t/hr
Feed size: 0.3–0.074mm
Application: It is often used in colleges and universities, metallurgical testing and small mineral processing plants. It is suitable for metal recovery in ore, coal, electronic waste, etc.


The laboratory shaking table is also called a small shaking table. It is a small shaking table designed in imitation of an industrial shaker, and its effect is almost the same as that of an industrial shaking table. It is one of the important equipment commonly used in gravity concentrators, and it is often used in conjunction with other concentrators to separate concentrates.
The deck material of the laboratory shaking table can be selected from glass fiber reinforced plastic or alloy,, and there are 6 options for the number of slots on the table top, which are suitable for materials of different particle sizes. Various trough materials are available. Welcome to consult!

lab shaking table


High recovery rate.

Simple installation and easy operation.

Small size is more suitable for laboratory use.


The laboratory shaking table is mainly composed of machine head, table top, material trough, water tank and bracket. The motor starts to drive the tabletop to vibrate back and forth repeatedly. The slurry diffuses to the tabletop with the water. Under the vibration of the tabletop, materials with different specific gravity in the slurry are dispersed at different positions on the tabletop, and finally recycled into different troughs, thereby realizing mineral processing.

lab shaking table


Deck Size (mm)1100×500
Stroke (mm)8-18
Frequency (times/min)300-450
Transverse Tile of Deck (°)0-10
Feeding SizeSand Deck (mm)≤2
Slime Deck (mm)≤0.2
Feeding Density (%)10-30
Processing CapacitySand Deck (t/hr)0.02
Slime Deck (t/hr)0.01
Water Consumption (t/hr)0.1-0.5
Motor Power (kW)0.55
Dimensions (mm)1710×520×780
Weight (kg)150

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