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Small Jig Separator

Capacity: 20-70 kg/hr
Feed size: ≤12mm
Application: Small jig machine are widely used in beneficiation of heavy minerals such as tin, gold, tungsten, manganese, and barite. It is suitable for colleges and universities, metallurgical research, and small mineral processing plants.


The small jig machine is a mineral processing equipment that uses different specific gravity of the material to separate minerals. Compared with the shaking table, it can process materials with larger particle size, and is suitable for roughing and beneficiation stages. It has a good separation effect for materials with a large difference in specific gravity, and is a common equipment for mineral processing.

lab jig separator


It occupies a small area and is easy to operate.

The frame is made of thickened steel.

There are upper-moving and lower-moving options to meet the reselection requirements for materials below 12mm.


The small jig machine uses pulsating water to scour the minerals to disperse the minerals. During the process, the minerals with a large specific gravity sink into the ore discharge bottle, and the materials with a light specific gravity are discharged through the overflow tank.

lab jig separator


Chamber SizeLength (mm)150300
Width (mm)100200
Chamber Number22
Chamber Area (m²)0.030.06
Eccentric Maximum Stroke (mm)≤20≤32
Feeding Size (mm)≤3≤6
Stroke Frequency (times/min)420346
Capacity (kg/hr)20-7070
Backwater Consumption (kg/min)0.1174
Feeding Water Consumption (kg/min)0.12.4
MotorPower (kW)0.550.75
Rotation Speed (rpm)14001390
DimensionsLength (mm)7601100
Width (mm)530820
Height (mm)11351270
Weight (kg)170200

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