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Laboratory Electromagnetic Sample Pulverizer

Loading Amount: 40-80g (about 60g is the best)
Feed size: 15mm
Application: DF-4 Laboratory Electromagnetic Sample Pulverizer is suitable for crushing and sample preparation for experiments or testing in geology, mining, metallurgy, food and other industries.


DF-4 Laboratory Electromagnetic Sample Pulverizer uses electromagnetic attraction to drive the vibrating tube to impact at high speed, thereby crushing the material. This equipment has no transmission parts, is light in weight and small in size, and is suitable for small-volume sample preparation. It can replace various sample grinders for rapid sample preparation. Its crushing speed is fast, the working process is completely enclosed, and there is no dust pollution. It is an updated product of disc crusher and eccentric rotating crusher.

Laboratory Electromagnetic Sample Pulverizer


Light weight, low noise and small size.

It has good stability and does not need to be fixed. It can be used when placed horizontally.

The crushing speed is fast and the particle size is uniform.


Choose different material bowls according to the hardness of the sample. You can choose high manganese steel, high chromium alloy, tungsten carbide alloy, corundum and other materials. As well as the weight of the sample, choose bowls with different capacities.
When in use, open the upper cover, lift the pressure lever, put the material into the bowl, and then close the lid. After putting down the pressure lever and turning on the switch, the machine starts to work. After the work is completed, the sample is taken out, and the remaining sample can be brushed off with a brush or cleaned with a special shovel.

Laboratory Electromagnetic Sample Pulverizer


Feed size15mm
The output particle sizeabout 200 mesh, but the sieve can be used for experimental analysis
Loading amount40-80g (about 60g is the best)
Working time0-5 minutes, adjustable (generally no more than 2 minutes)
Power supply220V 50Hz
Working current6A
Weight18 kg

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