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Davis Magnetic Tube

Magnetic Field lntensity: 0-4500 GS (step-less regulated)
Feed size: < 0.5 mm
Application: It is often used to analyze the magnetic component content of strong magnetic ore, and is suitable for experimental analysis of metallurgy, low-quality, building materials, and mineral processing.


Davis magnetic tube is often used to analyze the magnetic component content of strong magnetic ore. The base of the equipment is made of wood. When using it, remove the packaging, check the equipment, and plug it in to use.

Davis Magnetic Tube


Simple structure, plug and play.

The magnetic field strength can be adjusted steplessly.

The integrated structure of the whole machine makes it easy to move.


Davis Magnetic Tube sets a glass tube in the middle of the electromagnet, and the glass tube moves back and forth repeatedly. When the material passes through the magnetic field area, the magnetic material is adsorbed near the tube wall, and the non-magnetic material is discharged with water.
When in use, connect the excitation power supply and the main engine’s excitation and motor power supply. The rubber hose is connected to the glass tube for water injection, the soft rubber tube is connected to the branch pipe at the upper end of the glass tube, and a short soft rubber tube is set on the tapered tube at the lower end of the glass, and the clamp is installed to adjust the flow of the flushing water.

Davis Magnetic Tube structure


Pole Pitch52 mm
Magnetic Field Intensity2500 / 3500 GS (stepless regulated)
Glass Tube Parameters
DiameterΦ 50 mm
Oscillation Frequency70 times/min
Migration Distance40 mm
Other Parameters
Sample Granularity0.5 mm
Power Supply1P / 220V / 50 Hz
Net Weight200 kg

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