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XRF Mineral Analyzer

Popular Models: The 911MPEXRF700 can quickly and accurately analyze ore grade in mining and mineral processing.
It is used in a wide range of industries including oil and gas, metals and mining, cement, pharmaceutical, environmental, food and more. It is suitable for analysis of iron ore, copper ore, chromium ore, molybdenum ore, tungsten ore, tantalum ore, lead-zinc ore, nickel ore, and other minerals.


XRF Mineral Analyzer can detect the elements of mine ore. It has imported high-performance X-ray emission tubes and high-resolution detectors with high analysis accuracy. The built-in GPS system can record the latitude and longitude at any time, and through the third-party software, a three-dimensional geographical distribution map of element content can be constructed to quickly evaluate the distribution of minerals or geological disasters in the current mine.

XRF Mineral Analyzer


Small size, light weight, easy to carry.

The analysis speed is fast and the efficiency is improved.

Resistive touch screen, content is still visible under strong light environment.

Anti-slip and wear-resistant design, suitable for outdoor use.

The battery can be replaced in working condition.

Professional reports can be freely designed and generated.


The XRF Mineral Analyzer emits X-rays to irradiate the sample, the electrons in the sample are excited, and the rays are reflected. The software of the instrument converts the received rays into a ray energy spectrum, and analyzes the types and contents of various elements in the sample according to the energy spectrum.


Instrument power consumption5W
Detection objectsolid, liquid, powder

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