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Laboratory Filter Press

Filter area: 0.6-2 (㎡)
Application: It is suitable for laboratories in pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, food, mining, and other industries and research in universities and colleges.


The laboratory filter press can separate the solid and liquid to realize the purification and dehydration of the solid material. It has a short working time and a small footprint, which can meet the work of filtering materials in the laboratory. The equipment is equipped with a high-pressure air compressor with low energy consumption.

Laboratory Filter Press


It is suitable for a variety of materials and has a wide range of applications.

The material of the filter plate is corrosion-resistant, not easy to age, and has strong sealing performance, which can be used for a long time.

High work efficiency and short working hours.

The equipment can be equipped with universal wheels for easy movement.


When the laboratory filter press is working, the slurry is pumped into the filter. In the closed filter chamber, the liquid penetrates the filter material and is discharged from the liquid outlet, while the filter residue remains in the frame to form a filter cake, thus completing the work.

Laboratory Filter Press


DimensionsLength (mm)1350150016501900
Width (mm)500500500500
Height (mm)600600600600
Filter area  (㎡)0.611.52
Quantity of filter plate7 (3 chamber plates and 4 membrane plates)11 (5 chamber plates and 6 membrane plates)17 (8 chamber plates and 9 membrane plates)23 (11 chamber plates and 12 membrane plates)
Filter chamber volume (L)5101520
Plate dimensions (mm)250*250
Thickness of plates (mm)15
Filtration pressure (MPa)0.2-0.6
Compression pressure (MPa)2
Membrane pressure (MPa)0.8-1.2
Plate shiftingManual
Plate materialReinforced polypropylene
Frame materialStainless steel
Filtration temperatureRT

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