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Laboratory Electrostatic Separator

Capacity: 15 – 30 kg/hr
Feed size: 0.04-1mm
Application: The laboratory electric separator is mainly used for the selection of non-ferrous, black and rare metal minerals, or waste recycling to collect useful metals, and grain selection. Suitable for tertiary institutions and laboratory research.


The laboratory electric separator mainly uses the conductivity of materials to separate conductive materials and non-conductive materials, and can also be used for material classification. In grain processing, the laboratory electric separator can experiment with grain selection and tea sorting. The silo and hopper of the equipment are made of stainless steel, which is not rusty or sticky, and has wide applicability.

laboratory Electrostatic Separator


DC high voltage, up to 60000V, widely used materials.

The compound electric field combining corona and electrostatic field improves the beneficiation efficiency.

Drum rotation speed, pole pitch, entry angle, feeding trough angle and amplitude are adjustable.

Electric selection is green and pollution-free.


The material is brought into the high-voltage electric field in the rotating drum, where the material is subjected to various electric forces and centrifugal forces. Due to the different conductivity and specific gravity of the material, it is subjected to different forces, and finally falls at different positions to achieve material separation. Among them, the conductive material is quickly transported away after absorbing the charge, and falls from the front of the drum; the non-conductive material has poor conductivity, and generates suction with the drum, tightly sucking the drum surface to the rear, and is brushed down by the bristles; and the material with general conductivity falls in the middle ground.

laboratory Electrostatic Separator


Drum Size(D×L)250×200mmBunker Opening scale0-20mm
Drum Speed50-300r/minFeed Chute inclination2°-30°
Corona Electrode0.2mm;1-5pcsProcess material size0.04-1mm
(electrode wire diameter×qty)
Static Electrode(diameter×qty)30mm,1pcsProcess Capacity15-30Kg/h
ElectrodeRadial displacement50mmHigh voltage power supply800W
ControlCircumferential angle60°Maximum Voltage60Kv
Bush(external diameter×core diameter)105×60mmDimensions920×1120×1850mm
Bush speed100-600r/minWeight400Kg

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