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D12 Flotation Cell

Popular Models: An upgraded product of Denver (Metso) D12 flotation machine, with superior performance and high quality.
Feed size:
≤0.2 mm
Application: XFD series flotation machine is suitable for flotation testing of materials in laboratories or colleges and universities in geology, metallurgy, construction, chemistry, mining, coal and other industries.


XFD-12 type flotation machine can adapt to various volumes of flotation tanks. There are six kinds of volumes of flotation tanks to choose from. The material is acrylic or stainless steel. The feed particle size is generally below 0.2mm. Commonly used for flotation of non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, non-metals and coal, 125-3000g of materials can be flotation at a time.

Lab D12 flotation


Flotation tanks with different capacities can flexibly float different materials.

The equipment is equipped with a frequency converter, and the beneficiation speed can be adjusted conveniently.

LCD digital display, convenient to adjust the flotation time.


The impeller of the flotation machine rotates, agitates the slurry to mix with chemicals, and sucks in air at the same time. During the process, the minerals are bonded to the foam, and the foam is scraped off by the scraper. Minerals can be obtained after foam treatment.
When in use, select a suitable flotation tank, add pulp and chemicals. Turn on the motor, the impeller starts to rotate, and after foam is formed, the scraper scrapes the foam into the hopper. After the flotation work is completed, the equipment needs to be cleaned.

Lab D12 flotation structure


Impeller DiameterΦ54Φ73Φ95mm
Cell Volume500,75010,002,00040,008,000mm
Circulation CylinderΦ78×64Φ60×30Φ100×102mm
Impeller Speed0-2750RPM

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