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Laboratory Disc Vacuum Filter

Filter Disk Capacity: 4.2 / 2.5, 3.6 / 0.64
Application: It is suitable for dehydration of materials in laboratories in mineral processing, metallurgy, geology, chemical industry, building materials and other industries.


The disc vacuum filter can dehydrate the material and separate the solid and liquid. Easy to operate and stable performance. Can be used continuously or intermittently. There are two filter discs to handle different amounts of slurry. It has a good filtering effect on difficult-to-filter minerals and low-concentration slurry.

Lab Disc Vacuum Filter


The structure is simple and the operation is convenient.

Low noise, easy to move, high efficiency.

It is suitable for difficult-to-filter materials and low-concentration slurry.


This equipment uses negative pressure to filter the slurry, can continuously suck and discharge liquid, and the filtrate is pumped out by the vacuum pump when working. The equipment has two filter discs with different capacities, different amounts of slurry can be directly introduced into the corresponding filter discs for filtration.


Filter Disk Diameter (mm)Φ260 / Φ200Φ240 / Φ120
Filter Disk Capacity (L)4.2 / 2.53.6 / 0.64
Vacuum Pressure (Kpa)≤91.2≤91.2
Pulp Density (%)10-3010-30
Pulp Size (mm)≤0.5≤0.5
Sample Dry Weight (g)<600 / <150<500 / <100
Filter Cake Moisture (%)≤20≤20
Filtration Time (min)5月10日5月10日
Voltage (V)380380
Power (kW)1.51.5
Overall Dimensions (mm)1080×530×930
Weight (kg)160

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