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Laboratory Wet Drum Magnetic Separator

Capacity: 20-60 kg/hr
Feed size: <2 mm
Application: Laboratory wet drum magnetic separator is suitable for separating strong magnetic minerals. It is often used in laboratories of metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, and mineral processing industries.


Laboratory wet drum magnetic separator adopts wet method and a downstream form to separate fine-grained and strong magnetic materials. The equipment occupies a small area, is light in weight, and is easy to operate. This equipment is not suitable for beneficiation of corrosive liquids. The magnetic field strength can be adjusted, and the adjustment range is 1500-1800GS.

Lab Wet Drum Magnetic Separator


Small size and light weight.

The magnetic field can be adjusted in a wide range.

Easy to operate and easy to maintain.


The magnetic minerals are attached to the surface of the drum by magnetic attraction in the tank of the wet drum magnetic separator, and then the mud and impurities are shaken off under magnetic stirring, and finally discharged by the washing water following the drum.

Lab Wet Drum Magnetic Separator


Drum Size (mm)Φ400×300Φ400×240
Drum Speed (r/min)2525
Magnetic Intensity (GS)1250 (100 kA/M)1250 (100 kA/M)
Feeding Size (mm)<2<2.5
Capacity (kg/hr)20-6020-50
Motor Power (kW)0.250.25
Overall Dimensions (mm)1515×1040×15001030×614×1196
Weight (kg)200300

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