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Laboratory Flotation Column

Capacity: 2.5-140kg/hr
Feed size: 200 mesh more than 70%
Application: It is suitable for flotation of ore samples in laboratories such as coal mines, electric power, mines, geology, chemistry, metallurgy, and building materials, as well as industrial partial flow test.


Flotation columns are often used in industrial partial flow test, compared with the experimental indicators of flotation machines at industrial sites, and can also be used in laboratories for flotation experiments. The high-pressure gas pressure of the equipment can be adjusted, the page height can be accurately measured, and the experimental results are more reliable.

Lab Flotation Column


The flotation column is made of aluminum alloy bracket with universal wheels at the bottom, which is light and easy to move.

he fine bubbles are produced evenly, and the experimental results are reliable.

The liquid level is stable and fast, and the experiment time is short.


The instantaneous burst of high-pressure gas produces fine bubbles, which form mineralized foam after contacting with the pulp. Mineralized foam overflows from the top and tailings are discharged from the bottom.

Lab Flotation Column


 ModelEffective Volume (L)Capacity (Kg/H)Feed Concentration (%)Feed SizePower(W)
SYF-503.92.5-810-30-200mesh More than 70%300W


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