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Small Spiral Separator

Capacity: 0.15- 3 T/hr
Application: The laboratory spiral chute is widely used in ore treatment on the seashore, riverside and beach. It is suitable for laboratories of colleges and universities and geological research.


The small spiral chute is suitable for sorting fine-grained materials of 0.3-0.02mm, including iron, tin, tungsten, tantalum, niobium, gold ore, coal mine, monazite, rutile, zircon and other metals with sufficient specific gravity difference, non metal minerals. There are two materials for the groove surface: glass fiber reinforced plastic and wear-resistant corundum. We accept customized sizes and materials. Welcome to consult!

lab spiral chute


Light in weight, easy to install and operate.

The enrichment ratio is high, the recovery rate is high, and the processing capacity is large.

The sorting process is stable, and the concentration range of the ore is allowed to vary widely.


When the slurry flows in the spiral chute, the particles with different specific gravity have different moving speeds, the heavy particles move along the inner wall of the channel, and the light particles flow upward to the outer edge, so as to realize the gravity separation of materials. Adjusting the water volume during the beneficiation process can improve the separation accuracy.

lab spiral chute


Outside Diameter (mm)400600900
Pitch (mm)240, 180450, 360, 270675, 540, 405
Pitch Diameter Ratio0.6, 0.450.75, 0.6, 0.450.75, 0.6, 0.45
Lateral Slope
Maximum Starts per Column232-4
Feeding Size (mm)0.2-0.220.2-0.220.3-0.03
Feeding Density (%)25-5525-5525-55
Capacity (t/hr)0.15-0.20.8-1.22月3日
External SizeLength (mm)4607001060
Width (mm)4607001060
Height (mm)150026004000
Weight (kg)50150400

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