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Dry Roll Magnetic Separator

Capacity: 5-25 Kg/Hr
Feed size: 0-5 mm
Application: It is often used to separate weak or strong magnetic minerals, suitable for metallurgy, geology, building materials, mineral processing and other experimental tests and small batch material processing.


The laboratory roller dry magnetic separator adopts a double-face closed magnetic circuit, which is composed of an excitation system, a power transmission structure, an ore feeding system and a material collection system. There are two kinds of magnetic field strength ranges: strong magnetic field and weak magnetic field, which are suitable for most mineral sorting.

Dry Roll Magnetic Separator


Magnetic field stepless adjustment, 600-14000GS.

The size of the magnetic pole gap is controllable.

Automatic unloading, convenient and practical.


When using the laboratory roller dry magnetic separator, first adjust the gap between the magnetic rollers and the strength of the magnetic field according to the sorted materials. After turning on the switch, adjust the vibration amplitude of the feeder to feed at a suitable speed, and gradually increase the excitation current of the excitation winding until the required magnetic field strength is reached. Choose a feed cone suitable for the feed size, align the ore discharge port with the baffle and adjust it to a 45-degree bevel. The ore is fed into the storage hopper, and the beneficiation work starts. Pay attention to continuous and uniform feeding during the process, and pay attention to calibrating the excitation current at any time, and the work can be suspended after the baffle is screwed to the level. After sorting, clean up the equipment in time.


Roll Size (mm)Ф120×(30+30) double-side
Magnetic Intensity (MT)1400 (14000 GS) adjustable
Impeller Diameter (mm)55
Roll Rotating Speed (r/min)4,6,8 adjustable
Pole Pitch (mm)33
Capacity (kg/hr.)5-25
Feeding Size (mm)0-5
Power (VA)500
OverallLength (mm)360
DimensionsWidth (mm)450
 Height (mm)460
Weight (kg)75

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