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Laboratory Continuous Flotation Machine

Popular Models: The 911MPE-PF842 can perform continuous flotation and multiple units can work simultaneously. XFLB type.
Feed size:
≤0.2 mm
Application: FX-type continuous flotation machine is suitable for flotation of ore samples in industrial laboratories such as coal mines, electric power, mines, geology, chemistry, metallurgy, and building materials.


One unit of FX-type continuous flotation machine consists of two tanks, and multiple units can be used together for continuous flotation. Each operation unit can also choose to use single tank or double tank, and it can be installed as left-type or right-type ore-feeding flotation according to requirements.
There are two tanks, four tanks, eight tanks, and twelve tanks to choose from. Welcome to consult!

Lab Continuous Flotation


Continuous flotation, strong self-priming ability, large gas filling capacity.

The tank bottom liner can be replaced without grinding the tank bottom.

The flotation components are made of stainless steel for durability.


The ore inlet pipe, ore discharge pipe, and foam tank are connected with the rubber hose, the concentrate container is placed, and the prepared ore slurry is connected. Turn on the motor, adjust the handwheel, scrape out the slurry surface and the foam layer and adjust the appropriate thickness, and wait for the flotation to complete. After the flotation, pull out the rubber plug of the light ore pipe and rinse the tank.

Lab Continuous Flotation


Cell Volume (L)1.537122439
Cell Quantity2
Impeller Diameter (mm)Φ70Φ110Φ130Φ170Φ200
Impeller Speed (r/min)14001332, 1600, 18361050-1320680-1080447-787809
Scraper Speed (r/min)3320,3020,302412,16,2013,21
Feeding Size (mm)≤0.2
Power (W)25025037060011001500
External SizeLength (mm)3785006237409241081
Width (mm)406500590600804762
Height (mm)523600750700925930
Weight (kg)25405585260280

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