Lab Tungsten Gravity Separation Equipment

Tungsten is widely used in many fields such as aerospace, atomic energy, shipbuilding, automotive industry, power, electronics, chemical industry, etc. owners are enthusiastic about investing in Tungsten ore beneficiation plant equipment like lab tungsten gravity separation equipment. Tungsten ore has a low tungsten content, and we must purify the tungsten ore into concentrate ore before it becomes a smelting raw material, . With the widespread application of tungsten ore, more and more investors are joining the tungsten ore beneficiation business. It is generally beneficial to conduct a tungsten ore beneficiation experiment before establishing a tungsten ore processing plant.

Lab Tungsten Beneficiation Process

  1. Washing and screening

Washing is a method of separating ore from mud through hydraulic washing or other mechanical washing. Common equipment includes drum trommel screens and trommel scrubbers. It usually adopts washing and screening on a vibrating screen or screening the ore from the washing machine on a vibrating screen.

  1. Grinding stage – laboratory ball mill

Grinding is an essential step in the mineral ore beneficiation process, but tungsten ore is brittle and prone to over-crushing during grinding. Therefore, it usually adopts multi-stage grinding method.

  1. Gravity separation stage-Lab Tungsten Gravity Separation Equipment

The specific gravity of tungsten is high, gravity separation is suitable for tungsten ore processing.

Firstly, screen the qualified ore particles into three levels: coarse, medium, and fine, and then separate the ore by a jigging machine. After the jig machine separation, the material goes to a shaking table for concentration. After processing the coarse and medium grained ore, it enters the ball mill grinding machine again, forming a cycle.

The shaking table is for separating medium and fine tungsten ores, and the tailings from the shaking table enter the tailings pond.

  1. Magnetic separation stage – Laboratory magnetic separator

After gravity separation, the rough concentrate of tungsten still contains many valuable metals such as tin, molybdenum, copper, zinc, tantalum, niobium, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to separate the mineral again.

There are dry or wet magnetic separator, tungsten ore separation usually adopts dry magnetic separation method. Selecting coarse-grained scheelite and using a dry magnetic separator, the dried coarse concentrate is fed into the magnetic separator to obtain pure tungsten concentrate.

Lab Tungsten Gravity Separation Equipment

Tungsten is one of the important metal minerals, and due to its high density, gravity separation is an important beneficiation method in tungsten ore beneficiation plants. The main gravity separation equipment includes jig separators, shaking table, spiral chutes, spiral classifier, etc.

  1. Lab Tungsten Gravity Separation Equipment – laboratory jig separator

Jig machine is one of the important equipment for tungsten gravity separation. The three-stage jigging separation process is common for tungsten ore. It divides all tungsten ore into three particle sizes: coarse, medium, and fine. The upper limit of the particle size for coarse jigging separation is 13mm, generally 8-10mm. The particle size range for medium jigging separation is 1.5-5mm. The particle size of fine-grained jigging separation is below 2mm. The tailings of fine ore enters the jig separator and then to the hydrocyclone or spiral classifier. Then the material after classification enters a shaking table for concentration.

Lab jig separator

Usually, the recovery rate for coarse and medium particle size of jig separator reaches 65% -75%, while the recovery rate of fine particle size jigging sorting is relatively low. The main reason is fine tungsten minerals particle size is below 0.074mm, which is easily lost in tailings. Therefore, jig separator are usually used as equipment for coarse concentrate selection. There are various types of jig separators for tungsten ore gravity separation, among which the upward moving diaphragm jigs are suitable for coarse and medium tungsten mineral separation. The lateral moving diaphragm jigs are more suitable for processing fine-grained tungsten minerals.

2. Laboratory shaking table
  • Shaking bed plays an important role in tungsten ore beneficiation, as it has a high enrichment ratio. Obtain high grade concentrate and tailings through a single shaking bed separation, and minerals of different densities are clearly banded on the bed surface and can be extracted simultaneously. However, due to issues such as large land area and low processing capacity, the shaking table is commonly used as a selection equipment in large tungsten beneficiation plants. It is also a coarse and selection equipment in small tungsten beneficiation plants.
  • The common shaking machines for tungsten ore re selection include 6-S shaking machines. 6-S shaking machines has a better effect on processing -2+0.2mm coarse-grained tungsten ore. The bed surface of the shaking machine also has various materials to choose from, including raw lacquer bed surface, rubber bed surface, fiberglass bed surface, etc. Different materials have different frictional forces generated by tungsten ore movement, among which the fiberglass bed surface has a better separation effect.
3. Laboratory spiral chute

Spiral chutes have a relatively simple structure, a large processing capacity per unit area, and do not require power. They are often used in the re selection stage of black and white mixed tungsten ore in tungsten ore beneficiation. Spiral chutes have both sorting and grading functions, allowing for sorting across a wide range of particle sizes and simplifying the re-selection process.

4. Laboratory spiral classifier

The spiral concentrator is also a gravity separation equipment for black and white mixed tungsten ore. It has a similar structure to the spiral chute. It has no moving parts with small footprint, high processing capacity per unit, simple operation and maintenance, and a suitable feeding particle size of 0.1-2mm. In the tungsten ore beneficiation process, the spiral beneficiation machine is suitable for the gravity and rough selection operation after grinding and grading. It discard most of the gangue minerals and is beneficial for tungsten mineral selection.

The above are gravity separation equipment for tungsten ore beneficiation. In actual production, the selection of tungsten ore re selection equipment is mainly based on its process flow, and the specific selection will be determined by comprehensive economic, technical indicators and other factors. It is recommended to first determine a scientific and reasonable process flow, select suitable re selection equipment according to the process flow, and achieve ideal economic benefits.

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