Lab Titanium Ore Process And Beneficiation Equipment

Titanium ore is a vital mineral in nature. It is a raw material for manufacturing rutile, titanium materials, sponge titanium, titanium slag, etc. The titanium ore beneficiation process refers to the titanium ore process and extraction. Let’s take a look at the treatment process of titanium ore.

Titanium Ore Beneficiation Process

The titanium resource in titanium ore is an essential metal resource with extensive application value. The goal of the titanium ore beneficiation process is to achieve the extraction and recycling of titanium. It is necessary to pay attention to reduce the impact on the environment.

The titanium ore beneficiation process mainly includes three main steps: ore crushing, grinding, and magnetic separation.

  • The first step is ore crushing, which involves crushing the original titanium ore particle to a smaller size. After crushing, the particle size enters subsequent processing. The ore-crushing process usually adopts equipment such as jaw crushers and cone crushers, which break the ore into the required particle size through mechanical force.
  • Next is ore grinding, also known as ore powder grinding. Ore grinding further refined the crushed titanium ore, allowing for the release and separation of titanium mineral particles. Ore grinding generally adopts equipment such as ball mills and grinding mills, which grind titanium ore into small particles or powder through the force of friction and collision.
  • The material from the ball mill enters the spiral chute for separation. The materials that meet the requirements go to the magnetic separator for magnetic separation processing. The concentrate from magnetic separation enters the dryer for drying and dehydration and obtains the concentrate powder material.

Lab Titanium Ore Beneficiation Equipment

Ball mill

After crushing, the iron ore enters a ball mill for reasonable wet grinding treatment to obtain an iron ore slurry that meets the requirements. This equipment has mature technology and structure and has significant product advantages.

  • Closed system design, achieving high-energy grinding under negative pressure, eliminating dust, equipped with a noise reduction device, synchronously reducing noise, and achieving green grinding;
  • The lining plate, grinding body, and cylinder body are all cast with superior materials, which are sturdy and reliable. At the same time, the grinding efficiency is high with low energy consumption.
  • The grinding effect is excellent, and the quality of the iron ore slurry is excellent, providing superior raw materials for the next stage and effectively promoting the improvement of the selected grade.

Experimental process:

Ball mill – grinding
Purpose: Grind titanium ore into 0-1mm.

Experimental process:

In titanium ore beneficiation, the ball mill is mainly used for grinding materials to achieve a finished product of 0-1mm or finer.

Next, we will start the experiment.

–Pour the material into the ball mill, with a particle size under 25mm, and add grinding steel balls. The ball mill rotates continuously, and the grinding steel balls inside grind the material into fine particles.

Rock gold and copper also use ball mills for the grinding process.

Spiral Chutes – Enrich Heavy Minerals

spiral chute is an equipment that combines the characteristics of a spiral concentrator, shaking table, and centrifugal concentrator. It is equipment for mining and beneficiation, especially for sand mining in coastal areas, riverbanks, sandbanks, and streams.

Purpose: To preliminarily enrich heavy minerals.

Experimental process:

The spiral chute is a gravity separation equipment that uses gravity to separate materials with a density difference.

Next, we will start the experiment.

Pump the slurry into the spiral chute. We will see there are minerals of different colors on the chute surface. The black-colored minerals in the middle and right are heavy, and the light minerals on the left are tailings.

Finally, summarize the applicable minerals of spiral chutes: spiral chutes have a wide range of uses, including tungsten tin, copper, silica sand, and chromium ore.


  • The selection process is stable and easy to control, with a wide range of allowable changes in ore concentration.
  • High enrichment ratio, high recovery rate, small footprint, low water consumption, and simple structure.
  • No power requirement, easy to install, easy to operate, with low investment and quick results.

Magnetic separator

Wet magnetic separator

The magnetic separator is the equipment in the process of selecting iron ore. It performs purification and impurity removal treatment on the ground iron ore slurry in the later stage. It separates high-grade iron concentrate by utilizing the principle of high magnetism. This equipment also has excellent performance characteristics.

  1. Excellent technical design and scientific construction of magnetic separation structure effectively enhance the grade of magnetic separation and reduce the workload of production lines.
  2. Strong magnetism, more reliability, equipment service life extended by more than three times, and low failure rate.
  3. Energy saving power, reducing energy consumption, and reasonable purification treatment of tailings after magnetic separation will not cause pollution to water flow, land, ecology, etc.

In addition, the equipment for iron separation also includes spiral classifiers, thickeners, and dryers.

Weak magnetic separator – removing magnetic iron

Purpose: To remove magnetic iron from ilmenite

Experimental process:

A brief introduction to the equipment: The weak magnetic separator has a strong adsorption effect on strong magnetic impurities with a good iron removal effect.

Next, we will start the experiment.

Pump the slurry into the weak magnetic separator with a magnetic field strength of up to 1200 Gauss and two ore discharge ports. One side is strong-magnetic minerals, mainly magnetic iron. Another size is titanium concentrate.

Strong magnetic separator – removing weak magnetic impurities

Purpose: To improve the grade of titanium ore

Introduction equipment: The weak-magnetic separator has a strong adsorption effect on low-content weak magnetic impurities, and the effect is good.

Next, we will start the experiment.

Pump the titanium concentrate from the weak magnetic separator into the strong magnetic separator, which has a magnetic field strength of 8000-10000 Gauss and two discharge ports. Here are the selected weak-magnetic minerals, mainly titanium ore. That’s the tailings over there.

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